Health and a good night's sleep are not a matter of taste - the mattress and sprung bed base need to be adapted individually to a person's shape and weight. This is the only way to prevent back problems in the long term. This is the only way you can be sure of being relaxed when you go to sleep, and waking up feeling refreshed.

The more carefully the individual elements are matched to each other, the higher the level of sleeping comfort. Never buy a mattress without seeing it or trying it. A comprehensive FEMIRA consultation will protect you against unpleasant surprises that could have a negative effect on your sleep. Nor should you pay too much attention to the old chestnut about a "healthy, hard" bed. This general statement dates back to the time when foam mattresses were placed on wire frames and offered the same level of comfort as a hammock. A hard mattress can indeed provide relief for people suffering from slipped discs, but is otherwise only recommended for people with good connective tissue.

Observing the following points will ensure that you are on the safe side:
 • Be fully informed and try the mattress out
 • Choose a mattress and sprung bed base that supports your spine in its natural "double-s" shape.
 • When sleeping on your side, your shoulder and pelvis should sink far enough down that your spine is in a straight line.
 • Also consider the height of the mattress. The higher, the better. The filling can then better adapt to your body weight.

You will then be relaxed when you go to sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.  



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